Bathroom sink clogged by hair?
Wanna disinfect your pillows and blanket?
Clogged salt shaker?
How to keep cilantro leaves (dhaniya patti) fresh upto 2 weeks?
Dont throw dry basil leaves use them to....
Cleaning up crayon marks on your wall.
Got 1st or 2nd degree burn and not..
used aluminium foil to clean dishes....
Clean your hair comb super simple way

Health Tips:
Ssore throat bothering you
Bad cold
High bad cholesterol-ldl
Girls bad back pain just before-
Runny nose use this natural remedy
Your child cries from leg pain in night
Use this natural home remedy when
Natural way to reduce high blood pressure

Cooking Tips:
Added excess salt in your food...
When your recipe calls for sour cream
Dont throw left over daal cooked lentil
Get juice out of dry lemons
Great tip for home cake bakers
Mava khoa in 2 simple steps at home
Peel garlic in 30 seconds

Beauty Tips:
Hair care at home
Want your face to glow without much
Dry crack or sore lips
Love your hair in no time and with no hassles
Natural inexpensive facial scrubber
Natural remed for dry dead skin in
Natural better and more cost effective

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