Feb 7, 2011

Chocolate Fruit Sandwich......a 5 minute healthy recipe

Chocolate Fruit Sandwich is very quick and delicious recipe. It is very healthy and nutritious. It takes no more than 5 minutes, so it’s also great as a quick and healthy lunch pack for your kids, picnic, potluck etc.

Ingredients:   (for 1 sandwich)
2- Slices of Bread
1- Banana (sliced)
1-tbs Chocolate Hazelnut spread( you can get it any American grocery store, I normally use Nutella brand)
1-tbs strawberry fruit jam


  • Spread chocolate Hazelnut Spread ( Nutella) on one slice of the bread.
  • Lay the banana slices on top of this bread slice
  • Spread strawberry fruit jam on another bread. After that, put this bread on top of the bread where you put banana slices in step 2
  • That’s it! You just made a delicious sandwich- ready to serve and enjoy!

Note- you don’t have to limit yourself to banana slices, you can experiment with other fruits like peach, berries and nuts as well.

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  1. Great recipe. Kids should enjoy it.

  2. I have tried this.Really very yummy....

  3. Thanks Vatsi & Thanks Smita.
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  4. Thanks for the entry.. acn u link back to my announcement page

  5. I just love sandwich...and its a really innovative one....will surely try this :)