Feb 4, 2011

Added excess salt in your food by mistake? No Problem, here is the fix...

Don't we all, at times, put excess salt in our food by mistake and feel that we ruined an otherwise very tasty dish. Good news is that you don't need to be upset with that mistake anymore, there is an easy fix for this:

Make a dough of some wheat flour (quantity depending on quantity of your vegetable, excess salt and your own taste). Now, divide this dough into some equal parts and give them shape of a ball. Each ball should roughly be made from 1 tablespoon wheat flower. So, if you take 4 tbs-wheat flour in all, you should make 4 equal balls from that dough. Now put these balls in your dish and heat up with your dish for 2-3 minutes (or let it cook with the dish if you got reminded of this mistake before your dish was completely cooked). That's it, take out the balls and enjoy the great taste of your well prepared dish. This technique works for lentils (Indian Daal), dry vegetable, vegetable with gravy (a.k.a. Sauce of the vegetable), pasta and many other similar dishes.

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  1. This is what I always do..and if you use besan/gram flour insted of wheat flour, you can make gatte ki sabji out of these balls.