Feb 22, 2011

Fruit Raita (Yogurt Salad)

Apart from being tasty, Fruit Raita (Yogurt Salad) is a great spice neutralizer and goes very well with Indian Spicy food. Main ingredient of Raita is Yogurt . Yogurt is seasoned with roasted cumin, coriander leaves, others herbs, spices and mix fruits. It is served as a salad.  

1-cup plain yogurt
1-tsp rosted cumin powder
½- cup boondi
1-medium size banana
6- orange
20- piece of grapes
1-tsp sugar
salt to taste
pinch of red chilly powder
1- tsp of coriander leaves


  • Cut all the fruits in small pieces.
  • Beat the yogurt until smooth. (You can use the hand mixer)
  • Mix all the ingredients into the yogurt.
  • Garnish with coriander leaves and chilly powder.
  • Raita (yogurt salad) is ready .

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  1. It looks very yummy! Thanks for a great entry.

  2. Raita looks so delicious .Thanks a lot for dropping by my site and for liking it.