Mar 10, 2011

Mango Sandwich

Mango Sandwich :
Mango sandwich is a quick and healthy recipe for mango lovers who like eating mango in any form. It is great option for kids lunch. Did you know that mangoes are great source of Vitamin A too, so great for your eyes. 

  • 2-slice of bread
  • 2-tbs mango puree (or mango pulp or fresh slices)
  • 2-tbs cream
  • 2-tbs dry nuts (any nut like cashew, almond etc)
  • Apply mango puree on one slice, another slice apply cream.
  • Spread nuts on the mango bread and cover with creamed slice.
  • Press the sandwich gently and cut into small triangle.
  • Mango Sandwich is ready to serve.

Sending this to JFI Rerun-Mango event by Staya extended to March -15

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  1. thanks for the simple and yet delicious entry neetu