Mar 11, 2011

Mava/ Khoa in 2 simple steps at home

Mava/ Khoa is very common ingredient of Indian Sweets especially in festivals like Holi. Good news is that you can prepare Mava/ Khoa in in following 2 easy steps.

STEP 1:  Take 2-cup dry milk powder, 1-can condensed milk and mix them in microwave safe bowl
STEP 2:  Microwave for 5-6 mins but not continously. Pause Microwave every 1 minute, stir it and resume until total of 5-6 minutes. .
That's it. Your Mava is ready. So now, you can spend more time playing colors in Holi and less on Mava without compromising the taste :-)


  1. simple and delicious thank you for sharing

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