Mar 23, 2011

Pink Strawberry Short Cake with Ricotta Cheese

My younger daughter is a picky eater. So I try to serve her food in her way. She is crazy for pink color. She wants to turn everything  in pink color.  That’s why I named this recipe “Pink Strawberry Short Cake”. Kids love to eat and it is full of Protein, Calcium and Selenium.This is very easy and quick to prepare. 


  • 1-dessert cup
  • 2-tbs of ricotta cheese
  • 1-tsp strawberry syrup
  • 2-nos sliced strawberries

  • Mix ricotta cheese and strawberry syrup together in a bowl.
  • Place the dessert cup in the plate, on top that arrange the sliced strawberries and then put the ricotta cheese mixture .
  • Now it's ready to serve.