Mar 15, 2011

Tacos with Granulated Soy: Vegetarian, Full of Protein, Quick & Tasty

Tacos with Granulated Soy is not only super easy and tasty but also a great source of protein for the Vegetarians and the children. It takes only 10 min to cook.
  • 1-pack of Tacos (store Bought)
  • 1-pack of Tacos seasoning
  • 2-cups of soaked granulated soy/Flakes (get it from any Indian grocery store)
  • 2-cups of cut lettuce
  • 1-cup sour cream
  • 1-tsp oil
  • Heat oil in pan, add soaked soy and tacos seasoning.
  • Keep it on medium flame and saute.
  • Take tacos shell and fill with first soy, second sour cream and third lettuce.
  • Now Tacos are ready, serve it hot.
Note: Don't put salt. Seasoning has salt in it.

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  1. A perfect entry for my event - thanks dear :) I have announced another event today that you can think this too - you already have the logo dear but you just need to add my link again with it... please check back on my post today cheers, priya:)

  2. Tacos!! One of my favorites! Love the healthier version!


  3. Protein packed delicious tacos.

  4. Nice and healthy protein packed dish