Feb 10, 2011

Daal Ka Dulha (Pasta with spicy Lentils Soup)


Daal ka Dulha is the complete meal. It is full of protein, carbohydrate, minerals and vitamins. It’s good for people who like low calorie meal but don't want to compromise with the taste.

2-cups wheat flour
1- cup yellow daal (yellow pigeon lentils)
1-tbs turmeric powder
3-cups water
Final Tempering:
1-tsp cumin seeds
5-garlic cloves (very finely chopped)
1- med size onion (finely chopped)
3- red chilly
4-tbs ghee
salt to taste
2-tbs coriander leaves finally chopped

  • Knead flour with water and make a soft dough. Keep it aside.
  • Put daal, water, turmeric powder and salt in a pressure cooker, close the lid and heat until daal is half boiled (mostly 1-2 whistle of the pressure cooker)
  • To save time, while daal is heating up, make small size balls out the of dough and roll them into a small size thick Roti. Using both hands, bring the Roti edge up from the four sides and press it in the center (See the picture). Now dulha (groom) is ready for daal :-)
  • While doing these activities, make sure you keep an eye on the cooker as well- daal has to be only half boiled only
  • Open the lid of the pressure cooker, turn on the heat until the daal boils (i.e. boil the daal with pressure cooker without lid.) 
  • Now, add all the dulhas into the daal and stir it well so that 2 dulhas don't get too close :-) If you don't stir, dulhas might start sticking with each other
  • Now close the lid of the pressure cooker and heat it for 5 more minutes. Daal ka dulha should be ready after 5 minutes.
  • For Tempering: Take the pan, heat the ghee and add all ingredients listed under the the tempering. When all turned in light red color, turn off the heat and add it to the daal ka dulha.
Now Daal Ka Dulha is ready to be served.
Note: If you don’t want to eat extra calories don’t go for tempering. 

(all pictures except following logo taken by me at my home)
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  1. Haven't heard of boiling rotis in dhal... so different and amazing!


  2. Thanks Ruchika.
    Thanks,Krithi. I visited your blog and really loved it.