Feb 9, 2011

Use this natural home remedy when medicine is not possible or not effective for Body pain/ Chest Pains during Cold or Fever, General Joint Pains, Back Pains etc

For many pains, pharmaceutical medicines either are not very effective or cannot be taken because of age or other conditions. For example, cold, chest pain/ body pain from cold or fever, back pain, joint pain etc. In those situations, this specially treated oil helps a great deal.

Take 1-cup mustard oil, 1-tbs fenugreek seeds,1-tbs ajwaine ( a herb also known as Bishops Weed) and 12 cloves of peeled garlic. Heat a deep fry pan, put all the ingredients and heat until garlic turns brown, turn off the heat and let it cool it down. Save this cooled oil in a jar.

Apply this oil on the pain area once or twice a day. In some cases like Cold, you will feel immediate relief. In complex cases like joint pain, it'll take 15-20 days to show relief.

Note: Some of you will not like the smell of this oil. In that case, apply it on the paining area, leave it on for 20-30 mins and then take bath.   

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