Feb 16, 2011

Don't throw left over daal (cooked lentil), use that to enhance the taste of your curry

Many times, we end up throwing left over daal (cooked lentil) because it doesn't go well with anything else in the next meal. Well, now you have a very good use of that. Mix it with any curry vegetable, it'll greatly enhance taste of your curry. 

You can mix this daal with your vegetable anytime- before putting water, after putting water and even after your curry is ready. If you are putting it after curry is ready, make sure you boil this curry once after mixing daal.


  1. Thats a good idea and you can use that dal to make dough for chapati to make it more healthy.

  2. @Vatsala- Thanks!another great tip on these lines.
    @Torviewtoronto- thanks for following!